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I Want to Pursue Being a Registered Nurse Essay

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After going through a lot of trial and error in my career, I have decided that I want to pursue being a Registered Nurse. Many things have led me to this career choice, including personal and financial gain. I have tried many other occupations and educational programs and none of them have fulfilled me like I believe nursing will. It has taken me a long time to get to this point and I often joke that I finally know what I want to be when I grow up. I will tell you about my journey and what I hope to gain in my future. I had always been told that I was supposed to do well in high school, go on to college, and then I would be able to get a good job. So, that is exactly what I did, and that was not my case. I first went…show more content…

I quickly found that this was not the field for me. I did not have the patience for it and hated every day of it. I then took a job as a Patient Access Representative in an emergency room. I loved the hospital environment and the fast pace of the job but the pay was not something I could live with for the long term. I continued to apply for criminal justice positions and continued to get rejection letters. I then started hearing about Paralegal studies being a lucrative field. So I looked into obtaining an A.S. degree in Paralegal Studies. The program was not very long and I decided to give it a try. Once again I had run into the same road block. This time when I applied for open positions, I was told that law firms were looking for someone with a Paralegal certificate and experience. Now I was really dumbfounded. I just could not imagine that attorneys would be more interested in hiring someone with a certificate instead of a degree. I guess I could have gotten a certificate but at that point I was very hesitant about putting any more time or money into that venture.
By this time I had relocated to Atlanta, GA from Savannah, GA thinking the opportunities would be better. Once again I was unable to find a job to pay me what I thought someone with a degree should be paid. I turned down numerous jobs for a few months until I realized that earning some money was a lot better than earning no money. So I took a job at

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I didn't realise I had so much to know and do as an OR nurse!  I didn't even touch on the personalities you encounter.  (I'll do that in another.)  As I said before, OR nursing is not for everyone. 

You need to love a challenge, have high energy, be able to think on your feet and hit the ground running.  Doctors yell at you every time something is missing or something goes wrong.  You are the unseen nurse.  No-one remembers your care, because they were asleep for it.

You need to have a very strong ego, everything will be your fault the instant it happens.  Later, you may get an apology...but in the instant you just let them rant.  I was taught that one of the ways I perform my job as patient advocate is to let them yell.  It was explained to me this way...better they yell at me, than their hands shake in the wound.  Much better!  Let them get it out!

However, it is also the only place in nursing that has such instant gratification!  Some-one's gallbladder is making them sick, take it out...there, they are cured.  The baby will die if it is not delivered now, take it out...there, the baby lives.

Although the docs yell a lot, they learn to depend on you and respect you more than if you were a floor nurse.  They perceive you as being smarter, more reliable.

You are challenged every day.  You learn something every day.  It is an ever changing, never static or dull, environment.  You have to BE there mentally and physically 100% at all times.  As I say, not for everyone, but I seem to thrive on it. 

Prior to becoming an OR nurse, I never stayed in the same place for longer than 3 years (and that only twice).  Things would become boring...same old, same old.  That is never a day in the OR!  I have been in the OR for 15 years and still love it.


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