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Very few paintings today are as popular as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. There may be very many painters today, some of whom may be more skilled than Leonardo; however, there is yet to be a painter who can express facial features on a piece of art as Leonardo did. For instance, Mona Lisa’s smile has been a subject of much debate, given the many articles that have been written to try and describe this smile. Leonardo’s other work of art, christened the Lady with Ermine, also presents facial features in an outstanding manner.

An examination of the Mona Lisa in the present day reveals that the painting has indeed had better days. The original color of the painting appears faded and is almost gone and this is perhaps the reason why the original painting has been repainted at least three times. The painting does not appear to be clean and this can be observed in the greenish glaze on the painting. The repainting of the painting and the greenish glaze makes the painting somewhat different from what Leonardo originally painted. In a bid to understand the Mona Lisa, artists have continued to question the identity of Mona Lisa.

The Mona Lisa has so far been associated with more than 10 different women and some professionals have even stated that she may have been a lover of Leonardo. Some artists have even proposed that the painting depicts a boy and not necessarily a woman as it so obviously appears to be. Some of the interesting descriptions of the painting are that it is Leonardo’s mother, Catherina, his daughter, or even his son. Some artists have even recently described the painting as a self-portrait. Despite its age and the confusion over who is depicted in the painting, the Mona Lisa is still regarded as one of the most popular paintings in the world of today. The painting has indeed stood the test of time and has been written about and reproduced more than any other painting in the world.

The famous painting is currently being exhibited in the Louvre museum, Paris, in a temperature and humidity controlled box that has been embedded in concrete. The museum protects the painting using two sheets of bulletproof glass that have been triple laminated. Even with this high level of care and security accorded to the painting, the museum has placed a couple of guards next to the painting whose main job is to control the flow of the crowd. Given the high level of protection and care granted to the Mona Lisa painting, it is accurate to state that the authentic Mona Lisa is difficult to see. This is especially so because of the huge crowd of tourists who gather in front of this painting every day when the museum is open as well as the numerous flashes from the cameras of the tourists. More than nine million tourists flock the museum on an annual basis just to get a glimpse of the famous painting.

Tips on writing a descriptive essay on a Piece of Art:
Writing descriptive essays is like writing narrative essays, in the sense that both paint a picture for the reader to imagine. Therefore, you have to show your readers through words what you want to describe, not just tell about it. What you should tell the readers is what you are going to describe in your essay in the introductory paragraph, so that they are not confused.

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Mar 11, 2015

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We asked some artist friends “which piece of your art is your favorite?” and got many answers. Enjoy these favorites, and click on each name to see the artist’s website portfolio.


Gordon Maronde “Olive Branch” – In attempting to reference an ethereal dominion, a cerebral right moment arises within the Hybrid Series. This moment is the result of a hybrid union of visual verity and vague notion, of relevance and endless reach.

Alison Thomas “Foggy Sunrise” – My favorite time of day, sunrise, in my favorite place, the Appalachian mountains in Virginia.

Monique Lassooij “Dona Isabel and her Control” – I love her because she is a paradox: all dressed up with lace and holding a fat control. She is no longer just 18th century, she is a young woman of today and in control.

Lena Levin “Surrender” – It’s hard to choose a favorite, but this painting is important to me because it expresses an idea fundamental to my work: Art is not an act of self-expression, but an act of surrender to something greater than yourself.

James Duke “New York Lite Moon” – Created this circle style of painting 1990. I like the mesmerizing quality of the painting, the sublime sense of presence and motion, the push and pull created by the circles!

Evie Zimmer “Bloom” – This is the first painting which I strayed from my plan, spontaneously adding a blue orb and leaves. Since then, these elements have become common in many of my paintings.

O. Yemi Tubi “Arab Revolution” – Inspired by Renaissance Artists and political issues around the world, like Renaissance artists I like to use my works to express my view about what is happening around the world.

Ann Hardy “Samovar and Reflective Cup” –  I found this samovar in a small used furniture store in Polson, Montana. Could hardly wait to paint it.

Sherry Salant “Protecting the Ranch” –  I love trees and this tree brings me a sense of joy in its vibrance. There are two small horses in the background, and the tree offers protection. That is what trees mean to me, offer safety and protection for us all.

Gabe Langholtz “Lightness” – This is a balanced representation of the modern and naïve styles that influence my work. I find the neutral color pallet and spatial relationship between the objects aesthetically pleasing.

Kathleen Elam “Orchid Attraction” – Hummingbirds are such spiritual beings, mystical and magical, which is why everyone loves them. This particular photograph seems to bring a special energy to any room in which it hangs.

Elaine Alibrandi “Queen of Ages” –  This aged tree is rising up to meet the impending storm head on and standing tall with arms raised, almost conjuring the clouds. She is a true queen.

Robin Sierra “Walking Rain” – Walking rain occurs on the mesas of New Mexico. Because you can see very long distances in the southwest, this wall of rain ‘walks’ slowly across the sky and can be seen many miles away.

Brian Goshorn “Trebulon #1 Cherry Blossom Burst” – This was the first painting I did in the style that I now continue to work in. In many ways this is my “Rosetta Stone” and revealed to me how and why I am now creating paintings like these. I keep going back to it for inspiration.

Arthur Jacob “Morning Bloom” – Softness, color, shapes, movement, and lighting to reflect beginning of morning.

Val Lally “Sunlight Dancing” – It was not the illumination of greens but the movement of the light on the palm fronds that I feel I captured, making it a favorite.

Kris Mercer “Borough Market” – My daughter’s first London flat was opposite ‘Borough Market’ so it’s a place I love and know well. Some real characters work there, including the two from the wine merchants.

Nicole Curcio “Mi Ciudad es Tu Ciudad” – This is my favorite painting. An accidental collaboration- my friend started it and her colors and lines inspired me to experiment with a much looser painting style.

Lesley White “Rain Dance” – So many juicy challenges in this piece. Leather, fur, metal, and textiles, but most importantly conveying the element of movement.

Bonnie Shapiro “Looking Through a Haze of Memories” – Early one morning, I happened to pass by a roadside carnival and stopped to wander around. The light was lovely as it bounced off the white of the Whirly Bird.

Jerry Schmutz “Old  Courthouse Reflection” – This image, with the American flag, symbolizes the tumultuous and fractured history of the Courthouse – and of America itself – from the Louisiana Purchase to the present.

Tim Howe “Autumn’s Festival” – Illustrates my passion for blending several styles within one piece…my contemporary interpretation of a landscape with both abstract and recognizable images of nature that being the birch trees. It incorporates movement, texture and illustrates that there are no boundaries in nature as in art …all within a favorite color palette.

Jules Summers “Fragant Friesians” – I have too many favourite artworks, so I had others choose one for me! I adore cows, they are beautiful souls, make great friends and are full of fun and personality. 

Mel Thompson “Jordan Pond” – This scene was inspired by a wonderful trip to Acadia National Park a few years ago. I love the solitude and tranquility of the water and the mountains hit by the morning sunlight in the background framed by the beautiful arcing tree branch.

Linda Harrison-Parsons “Tight Quarters” – This small piece takes me back to Africa. My art documents moments in time. Preserving nature and wildlife that is here today and may be gone tomorrow.

Lisa Crisman “Into the Wild Blue Yonder” – I LOVE using bold and vibrant color combinations. For me these vivid color selections are exhilarating and add a sense of the magical and mystical that surrounded my childhood years.

Shannon Fannin “Chevy Bel Air” –  I paint cars expressively to bring the beauties that are stored in the garage, into our homes and lives. Cars are works of art. I’m especially in love with CHROME.

Danielle Trudeau “Liefde is die Antwoord” – During my recent trip to South Africa, I was absolutely taken with the beauty of the land and nature that makes up that beautiful country and knew my goal upon returning home was to capture some of the magic and life that I experienced.

Stephanie Estrin “Lost and Found” – I loved painting on this expansive space and getting my whole body into it. I worked through a lot of emotions in the process of this painting.

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