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Project managers are facing new challenges when dealing with scarce resources andother issues in organizations. They have to be aware of all needs of the employees, dotheir work in order to achieve project success


Scare resources are considered one of the most difficult times for a project manager. Frequently, the PM endeavors to findpeople to perform the work packages. Additionally, they have to get enough money inthe budget to pay vital supplies. Then it’s vital to be able to explain the benefits of your project, and strive to get the resources you need to succeed.If work is not getting done, I have to ask upper management for additional support ingetting enough resources. There’s no easy way to deal with this. The project manager works on is for the benefit of the organization as a whole, and unfortunately that meanssome people within it may suffer. Understand their feelings, but keep working to makethe project a success.Retrieved from:

RE: GettingResourceCommitmentsMaria Ventura

5/27/2013 6:29:14 PM

Hello class,I agree with you Nishan, when saying that

"With resource over-allocation, the project with the highest priority needs to have access to the resource and this prioritizationneeds to come from upper management",

so some of the things a manager could do:resource level the project. This is a method of resolving resource over allocation bydelaying the start date of an assignment or an entire task or splitting up the work on atask.In addition to that, one of the ways to identify resource availability is during the projectplanning phase; you can get a calendar and identify working and non-working days. Thisincludes holidays, vacations, three day weekends, federal holidays, foul weather seasonand etc. Then include work hours and the rate, so that overtime and the schedule canbe calculated.Thank you//

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5/29/2013 10:09:46 PM

Project managers need to build very good interpersonal relationship with thefunctional managers and those who work with them. It is easier to get wholehearted commitment from managers one has built close relationship over theyears than just through instructions from above. Leadership quality and teambuilding spirit are important when chasing commitment

RE: GettingResourceCommitmentsCauretta Bell

6/2/2013 6:18:42 PMThat was the very first item I thought of, overallocation of resources can be the underlining cause of thework on a project no being completed. The project need to be analyzed to see how much work has been


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develop systematic project control that is comprehensive, accurate, and timely.

RE: Measuring WorkCompletedDwayne Grant

6/5/2013 6:44:16 PM

If you want to take the subjectivity out of measuring the work completed you must have a way of measuring the work completed by all the people involved in the project. A good example of that isthe project administrators may look at the project one way, and the project manager may look atthe project another way. You need to have a way of measuring the work completed in aconsistent manner and it is a work breakdown structure. The work in the work breakdown clear defines the deliverables and the times it takes to complete the work packages. If you want tomake sure that your project has accurate estimates you would use historical data or subjectmatter experts.

RE: Measuring WorkCompletedBruce Foley

6/6/2013 10:25:54 PMWhen evaluating work performance you should follow the following guidelines:1.

Choose discrete objective measures2.

In complex work packages choose measures that align with the objectives3.

 Acknowledge work packages that are completed in a single month uniquely4.

Make sure work packages of significant value are acknowledged accordingly5.

 Avoid measuring LOESOURCE: www,cms.govDoes behind schedule mean over budget?Professor Orr 6/3/2013 11:37:51 AMSo, if I'm behind schedule, am I automatically over budget?Regards,SusanRE: Does behind schedule meanover budget?Varune Ramoutar 6/4/2013 11:14:42 AM

When a project is behind schedule it means that they have not accomplished the amount of work they planned to accomplish to that point. Thus the work amount completed is less thatwhat it was planned to be. Relating this to budget the company would have planned to spenda certain amount by accomplishing the planned amount. Since they did not accomplish whatthey planned then logically they


be under budget. However this may not be the case theymay have accomplished less but spent the budgeted amount or they may have even spentmore than what was budgeted.So being behind schedule does not mean over budget even though this possibility exists.


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