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Employee Job Satisfaction A Study at ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co Ltd

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OBJECTIVES The main objective of this Employee Job Satisfaction A Study MBA HR Project at ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co Ltd is to describe the various expectations that determine the satisfaction level of employee. To identify the factors concerning employee job satisfaction and to analyze and interpret the collected data. LIMITATIONS Due to the constraint(…)

Marketing plan to expand services in a private hospital and to be the provider of choice in the region

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Marketing plan to expand services in a private hospital and to be the provider of choice in the region.-Analytical Business report Format-5000 words excluding references. The assignment is to construct an initial marketing plan, in the capacity of a newly created role of a marketing manager in a private healthcare organisation. The marketing manager reports(…)

Online Trading MBA Project

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Subject of the Project: This Online Trading MBA Finance project is about the latest trend in trading through online networking that is taking the business world by storm. Online trading networking or simply put ‘networking on the net’ is fast becoming the easiest, fastest, very focused and a most effective means of growing your chain(…)

Analysis of the International Fashion Retail Brand

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Executive Summary: This content of this presentation consists of analysis of the International fashion retail brand. This paper mainly focuses on the operational strategy technologies which are being adopted by fashion retail brand which makes them stay far ahead from competitors. The study was carried out on supply chain management and logistics management strategies of(…)

Total Quality Management Implementation in Manufacturing Industry

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Total Quality Management is a new mantra in ever organization. It is defined involvement of all the employees in organization towards achieving quality product on a continual improvement basis. The present study was conducted in a cement industry in Hyderabad Viz. Maha Cements, Hyderabad. For collecting the data and input. One of the quality philosophy(…)

Impact of Currency Exchange Rate on the Stock Markets

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Introduction In this chapter a brief overview of the background of the study is given. The readers will also find the research aim, objectives and the research question with which the present research is carried out. Limitations of the study were also given before ending up this chapter with the structure of the dissertation. Research(…)

CRM Questionnaire for Employees of Car Dealer Outlet

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1) What is your Name and Designation? Ans: Krish. Sales Associate. 2) How many years of experience you have in 4 wheeler sales & Service? Ans: 2 Years. 3) From how long you are associated with Car Dealer Outlet? Ans: 1 Year. 4) What do you think of Attention paid by Management on feed back(…)

Latest MBA Finance HR Marketing Projects List

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MBA PROJECTS: 1000 Projects provide academic guidance to students to complete their project requirements (summer projects, internships, assignments) on time. We provide academic guidance regarding the project report works whatever necessary. Sample Topics in Finance Report on Currency Derivatives Competitive Analysis of Trading Performance of mutual funds and its Awareness among the patrons in the(…)

Cultural Heritage MBA Study

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Cultural heritage  According to UNESCO the heritage of each and every country is decided by the authors. Many researchers are defined the tourist terminology and rules of the heritage. In a country the heritage will improve the status. According to Hooper, culture can be described as the spiritual culture than the other countries.  Culture can(…)

Cross Cultural Travelers MBA Study

ByRaminMBA Dissertations

Here the tourism industry is increasing the globalization experience. Here there are various differences in describing the tourist behavior. A tourist will consider various barriers in order to visit the beautiful location. If a tourist crosses the borders, then it also crosses the limitations that are provided by the tourism development. Tourist will also bring(…)


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We advise students to select the finance research topics of their choice which are helpful to excel in the respective career paths. To choose the best topic from the long list of finance dissertation topics, you should first select the area of finance you are working on. Below is the detailed list including areas of finance dissertation and finance research topics that lie in that field. Have a read:

Micro Finance Dissertation TopicsRetail and Commercial Banking Dissertation TopicsRisk Management Dissertation Topics
Accounting Standards Dissertation TopicsAlternative Investment Dissertation Topics Retail and Commercial Banking Dissertation TopicsAccounting Ethics Dissertation Topics
CSR of Banking Industry Dissertation TopicsEmerging Market Finance Dissertation TopicsEducation, Perception and Gender Bias in Accounting

Micro Finance Dissertation Topics

Micro Finance is an important sub-field of Finance in which we provide finance dissertation help to the UK students. Micro Finance has its benefits in small and large development organisations, individuals, and non-government organisations. Scholars prefer to choose micro finance dissertation topics, as it is gaining recognition due to increased interest rates throughout the banking and corporate sector. Some of the important microfinance dissertation topics are listed below:

  • Rapid Development in International micro-finance
  • Micro-finance awareness and impact on developing economies
  • Comparative Study: Financial Innovation in Asia and Europe.  
  • Micro-finance in UK’s Banking Industries.  
  • Importance of Partnership Between Private and Public Sectors.  
  • Financial viability of some commercial products available in the local market.

Retail and Commercial Banking Dissertation Topics

The relative importance of retail and commercial banking is declining in the finance industry, but it is an important financial intermediary in the banking sector. The retail and commercial banks have provided an excellent medium to manage funds for the rural and semi-urban population. These banks are successful in assisting masses of people with financial help and therefore, it is one of the interesting topics of finance dissertation amongst the UK students. Here are some retail and commercial banking research topics, take a glance:

  • Improvements in assets-liability management framework of UK-based banks in the recent years.  
  • Role of retail banks in the UK and financial services provided to the rural population.  
  • Role of retail and commercial banks in boosting agriculture productivity via credit flow.
  • Optimal capital structure for retail banks of UK.

Risk Management Dissertation Topics

Credit, Market, liquidity, legal, operational and reputations risks are critical factors and the integral part of the financial institution’s management policies and its entire mechanism has a great impact on the banking framework. Our proficient writers have aided students with finance dissertation help on various topics related to risk management. Take a glance at a few:

  • Aspects of international banking in Risk management activities of Europe.  
  • Risk management within financial institutions due to Foreign exchange in the UK
  • Future of EU’s stability and growth pact considering financial aspects of the UK

Accounting Standards Dissertation Topics

Accounting standards have raised various questions on existing practices with the growth of maintaining a standard accounting practice approach in European Nations and some other countries of the world. Various organisations of the world are adopting these emerging standards and it is interesting to see that change. Several ideas related to accounting standards are being used in finance dissertation writing. Some of the ideas are listed below:

  • Convergence and likelihood of convergence between the EU and the US.
  • Audit Committees and agency problems with the combined code.
  • Practical implications to all organisations implementing the International Financial Reporting Standards in the UK
  • What are sustainability reporting and its standards?
  • Reasons for increasing demand for disclosure of social and environmental information? What are its implications for big organisations?

Alternative Investment Dissertation Topics

With the volatility in the financial market trends, investors are finding alternative investment options such as funds of funds, private equity, mutual funds and others. Many studies have confirmed that these new investment opportunities are offering with huge ROI and are comparatively less volatile in nature. The finance research topics based on Alternative Investments are listed below:

  • What are Hedge Funds? How is that an investing alternative for institutional investors and the advent on the retail market?
  • Investors and private equity market in the UK.
  • The Growth of hedge funds being the reason for a sustained progress and its effects on the investments market of the UK.
  • Reason of growing popularity of mutual funds and index.
  • How is cost of investing in the mutual funds is related to the returns?

Accounting Ethics Dissertation Topics

Several eyebrows are raised with the increase of scandals in the recent times regarding ethical practices in finance and accounting. This issue requires understanding of existing practices and the studies related to it should evolve into new scopes of improvement. A culture has to be adapted to fight against these unethical practices going on in the organisations serving nations. Accounting Ethics is an important research topic of finance to consider for an accounting aspirant. Here are a few of such topics:

  • Innovative method to guide university accounting and finance students about the importance of ethics.  
  • What is Audit risk? Is it rhetoric of rationality?
  • The effect of auditor’s liability on the accounting profession and organisations in UK.
  • What is Engaging contradiction? How is it an expansion of Corporate Social Responsibility discourse?  
  • Case Study on Accounting, Ethics and the links missing between them.
  • Sustainability reporting in the UK and impact on the public sector.

CSR of Banking Industry Dissertation Topics

Corporate social responsibility is an important and integral part of corporate management strategy for banking industry. The banks are under extreme pressure of various shareholders and stake holders and therefore, they have to be more responsible in dealing with the social issues. Many such CSR topics of banking industries are used as finance research topics by the UK students. Some of which are: 

  • Discuss importance of Corporate Social Responsibility for investment banks of the UK.
  • Recent improvements in CSR work by the banking industry participants.
  • Case study of social responsible banking system.
  • Practices and regimes of banks in CSR.
  • How is CSR is less a choice and more of a necessity for businesses to flourish in recent times?
  • CSR issues in banking industry.
  • Terrorism financing and financial institutions.

Emerging Market Dissertation Topics

Many emerging markets such as Russia, India, Brazil, and China have increased significantly due to strong fundamentals and better investment scopes. With this, many major organizations of the world are trying to follow their footsteps in the market so as to gain profit shares from these emerging pies. We provide finance dissertation help in top risk management dissertation topics. Some of them are listed below:

  • Attitudes and perception of UK investors towards investing in emerging markets.
  • Role of financial stability of banking systems in the emerging countries.
  • Implementation and evolution of investment banking in the emerging markets.
  • Brief about foreign direct investment effect on Asian Economies  
  • Explain Market efficiency considering emerging economies.

Education, Perception and Gender Bias in Accounting

With the study of various accounting practices considered round the world, it is important to deal with various biased which are needed to be investigated and controlled for a more responsible society. This segment of the finance discusses various finance dissertation topics related to such practices. Check a few of the suggested research topics of finance that lie in this area:

  • Women and accountancy make good partners.
  • Is it a time for a change in Accounting education or not?
  • Comparison of EU and UK organisations considering finance education.
  • Comparison of Asian and European organisations on the basis of finance education.
  • How does internal controls in the banking industry have an impact on employees?

Coming up with the interesting and unique research topics for the finance dissertation can be a difficult process. You will want to take the best ideas for finance dissertation, which is both different and suits your interest.

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