Chicago Public School Homework Policy

Grading Scale


 A     93 – 100           Exceeds Standards

 B     87 – 92              Above Standards

 C     78 – 86             Meets Standards

 D     70 – 77             Below Standards

 F     69 or Below    Does Not Meet Standards



Grading Policy


Category                               Weight

Assignments                           20%

Homework                              10%

Class Participation                15%

Exams                                      20%

Quizzes                                    15%

Projects                                    20%




Chicago Public Schools mandates that homework be assigned daily to students. Homework consists of meaningful assignments for completion during out-of-class time. Assignments for homework are based on classroom instructional activities and serve as motivation for further learning. Students are required to complete all assignments given to them while serving out-of-school or in-school suspension.


The following are the average time allocations for teacher-directed homework assignments:


 Kindergarten 15 minutes per day


 Grades 1 – 3 30 minutes per day


 Grades 4 – 6 45 minutes per day


 Grades 7 – 8 90 minutes per day



Grading Scale, Grading Policy & Homework Policy

Need a little help with a math homework question? Looking for topics for your next history report?

Then check out the “Chicago Public School Library Database” — a helpful resource provided by the CPS Department of Libraries and Information Services. Many sections are easy to open, but some links may require a password. If you need help, or log-on information, please contact the school librarian for assistance.


  • CPS has issued a new  Guide to the CPS Homework Policy (click here) which outlines the responsibilities of students, parents, teachers, principals and LSCs. The document also lists a few helpful homework tips, and provides suggested time allocations per day for teacher-directed homework assignments by grade level. Please take a moment to review this important document with your child.
  • Ask your teacher about out the “Reading and Writing Buddies” program — in which older students come into classrooms to help younger students with reading and writing projects. This program is run by the teachers.
  • Visit the Chicago Public Library Web site – This tool is a great resource for children and parents, alike. Find local libraries, put books on hold, check out schedules for local events, and discover Chicago history.
  • Note to parents: If your child could benefit from the assistance of a tutor, we encourage you to communicate your concerns with your child’s teacher, by leaving a note in the teacher’s mailbox (in the main office). Your teacher can recommend various options. Also, if you have extra timeand are willing to spend it helping a child get the extra help they need, as a tutor or mentor, please inform your child’s teacher. Please review volunteer information HERE.


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