Image Processing Using Matlab Research Paper

Offline signature verification is a challenging and important form of biometric identification. Other biometric measures don’t have variability as that of signatures which poses difficult problem in verification of signatures.…

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The latest researches in Automotive field concentrate on increasing the security and safety of the passengers. The automotive companies invest a lot in testing their products before delivery, that is…

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The present paper includes the results of a wide experimental survey concerning current and power consumptions of some single-phase loads supplied in Low Voltage (LV). In particular home/office equipment has…

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This article contains a description of the algorithm for image segmentation based on the use of pyramidal processing using an integrated tree segmenter and a self-organizing Kohonen neural network as a simple segmenter.

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A procedure for estimating tidal mud flat topography from fixed-platform, long-wave infrared imagery is presented. Shallow water and low bearing capacity on many mud flats hinder traditional surveying methods by…

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Tone mapping operators (TMOs) aim to compress high dynamic range (HDR) images to low dynamic range (LDR) ones so as to visualize HDR images on standard displays. Most existing TMOs were demonstrated on specific…

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This paper proposes a new computer-aided method for the skin lesion classification applicable to both melanocytic skin lesions (MSLs) and nonmelanocytic skin lesions (NoMSLs). The computer-aided skin lesion classification has…

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In the medical field, the segmentation of organs and structures in the patient’s body is a very important task to assist the study of morphological and pathological changes of organs.…

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This study aims to provide detailed spatial information of valuable tree species to support improved management of winter habitat of white-tailed deer. To achieve this, we proposed a novel approach…

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In this paper a new quaternion-based lossless encryption technique for DICOM images is proposed. We have scrutinized and slightly modified the concept of the DICOM Network to point out the best location…

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