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Final examination forms

It is the onus of each student to register for the final examination


Graduate students who are completing their degrees must register for the final oral examination for the degree of Dr. rer. nat.

Before doing so, please consult the documents below with 'general information from the Department of Physics and Astronomy', 'rules for submission of doctural theses' and 'rules and regulations' before suggesting the examination committee.

Also please see the following list of possible dates for examination. Note that examinations can take place at 9:00, 10:30, 14:00 and 15:30.

Possible dates for examination in the summer semester 2018

Possible dates for examination in the winter semester 2017/2018


It is your duty to ensure that your suggested examination committee can meet on the date and time required.

If you have chosen an external examiner, you should draw his attention to the general guidelines for external examiners here.

General guidelines for external examiners:

English translation of the regulations for doctoral students (Note that only the German version is legally binding!)

Promotionsordnung - English 10.04.2014:


Regulations for doctoral students (in German)

Promotionsordnung 29.07.2015:


Promotionsordnung 10.04.2014:


Promotionsordnung 16.05.2013:


Promotionsordnung 07.05.2012:

Promotionsordnung 14.09.2007:

General Information from the Department of Physics and Astronomy on doctoral examinations

Rules for submission of doctoral theses

Special rules for cumulative theses

Application for a cumulative thesis


Submit the first form below - the registration form for the final examination - by the registration deadline fully completed, to the administrative office. Note that you are required to provide proof that you have met the course and teaching requirements. Your course records that we have will be used as proof, otherwise you must provide a signed list of the courses that you have attended.

The administrative office will provide confirmation that the dates, times and the composition of the examination committee are acceptable or request that you change these.

The final document, signed by the Dean will be kept by the administrative office and given to the candidate in copy.

For the deadline of submission of all documents, you must submit the full application form plus all the documents that are necessary. You may submit either the German or the English version of this form

The full application form should have the correct details from the registration form plus the additional information that is requested. Note that this form is required by the Faculty Office. We regret that you have to duplicate information, but this is essential. Please read the rules and regulations in detail.

In a similar vein, you must fill out and sign the German form attesting the proof of publication of your thesis. Both a German and English version are available to aid you in understanding the content.

You may request that your final doctoral certificate be issued in German and in English - for this, please submit the appropriate form below.

Rules and regulations for the final oral examination

Registration form for the final oral examination for the degree Dr. rer. nat.

Full application form - required by the Combined Faculties of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences

Download (German version)
Download (English version)

Proof of publication of contents of thesis
Download (German version)
Download (English version)

Coverpage of thesis - if thesis is in English
Download (German version)
Download (English version)

Sworn affidavit



End of thesis:

Please note that your thesis should end with two separate bibliographies - the first should list your own publications and comment on which of these are used in the thesis, the second should contain all relevant references (and can incude your own publications).


The following pages provide information about the various avenues for doctoral training at the University of Heidelberg as well as an overview of the prerequisites and formalities for pursuing such training.

The Graduate Academy Service Point also provides support and advising on all general issues related to doctoral training.

The goal of pursuing doctoral training, which ultimately leads to the title of Doktor (Dr.), is to obtain the skills necessary to successfully carry out independent academic research, usually in a specialized research field. Over the course of the doctoral training, the results of the scholarly research carried out are documented in writing in the doctoral dissertation. After submission and review of the dissertation, the doctoral candidate must pass an oral examination, Rigorosum, or an academic defense, Disputation. During the Rigorosum/Disputation, the candidate is examined on the research presented in the dissertation as well, possibly, as other topics important to the candidate’s general field of research.

The basic prerequisites for carrying out doctoral training at the University of Heidelberg are:

  1. The completion of one of the following university degrees, usually with good or very good results:
    Master, Magister, Diplom, Staatsexamen or an equivalent university degree from a German or foreign university
  2. The ability to sustain work on a particular topic, to independently pursue academic research and to work independently over a longer period.

In principle, it is possible to pursue a doctorate in any of the subjects offered at the University of Heidelberg. Doctoral training can be carried out in one of two models: individual doctoral training or doctoral training within a structured doctoral programme. Binational doctoral training or cotutelle is also possible in Heidelberg. Doctoral training is expected to take between 3 and 5 years depending on the discipline and personal situation.


Doctoral degrees are granted by the faculties of the University of Heidelberg and the regulations governing doctoral training are set down individually by each faculty in its doctoral regulations. The following doctoral degrees are granted at the University of Heidelberg:

  • Dr. phil. (Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Modern Languages, Faculty of Behavioral and Cultural Studies, discipline Geography)
  • Dr. rer. nat. (Faculty of Biosciences, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy, Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences)
  • Dr. iur. (Faculty of Law)
  • Dr. med., Dr. med.dent., Dr. sc.hum. (Faculties of Medicine)
  • Dr. rer.pol. (Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences)
  • Dr. theol. (Faculty of Theology)

There is more information about doctoral training at the University of Heidelberg on the following pages:

► Individual Doctoral Training vs. Training in a Structured Doctoral Programme
► How Do I Become a Doctoral Student?
► Faculties/Dean’s Offices/Doctoral Regulations
► Structured Doctoral Programmes in Heidelberg
► Binational Doctoral Training/Cotutelle
► Ombudsperson

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